About us

Seven Bison is a CGI/VFX & Post-Production House, a group of like-minded creatives working across marketing, television, and film with a single goal in mind to create mind-boggling, jaw-dropping content that leaves you wanting more!

Through the synthesis of skill, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, we transform any environment or digital platform by materializing exceptional concepts.

Our herd

Szymon Wojewski

Head of Creative Production

Szymon, the alpha-bison not only to his son – little Kazek, but also to our heard. He is our very own Bob Ross and is infamous for creating “colorful and very abstract paintings” when sending feedback. 

He spent years in the UK where he worked for such giants as Warner Music, Bloomberg, and Getty Images. He still boasts about meeting Ed Sheeran before he became a star. Despite such ‘celebrity cameos’ he wanted to return to his homeland and build his own brand. 

Wiktoria Szymańska

Project Manager

I’ve watched three (and a half) movies in my life, so becoming an video editor was a no brainer for me. I quickly found that I can use Adobe like a pro. Now I can say that I have watched a lot of movies in my life – mostly mine

Adam Gołąbek

Team Leader / Video Editor

The Midas of Polish video post-production. One-man institution. According to some? A genius. According to others? A charlatan. Mask and Roto Brush transitions enjoyer.


Mateusz Ulbrych

Senior Motion Designer / 3d & VFX Generalist

I graduated from photography school in 2011. With 9 years of experience as a camera operator, editor, and producer, I have a passion for graphic design for over 11 years. For the past 7 years, I’ve been developing my skills as a Motion Designer and CGI Generalist. In my free time, I enjoy watching Sci-Fi and Marvel movies, and cooking.

I proficiently use tools like After Effects, Blender, Photoshop, EmberGen, Illustrator, and Resolve. I’m always brimming with ideas and love creating procedural scenes and simulations in HoudiniFX.

“Do or do not, there is no try”

Vova Sitkouski

Senior Motion Designer

So, I’m a motion designer, and for over 10 years, I’ve been turning space and time into visual fireworks. Perhaps I’m so old that I remember when computers were the size of a small apartment and had less computing power than your modern electric toothbrush. But that doesn’t stop me from keeping pace with the times and constantly learning new tools.

I love to play with programs like After Effects, Unreal, Cinema 4D. These are all magic boxes, full of mysteries and wonders. And every time I interact with them, I feel like I’m creating something unique and exciting. So yes, I play at work, and it brings me immense pleasure!

Sebastian Powichrowski

Video Editor / Motion Designer

Editor by day, motion designer by night. Specializes in due to tomorrow and impossible. The only difference between him and Batman is he’s not weraing that goofy suit.

Szymon Jędruchów

Senior Motion Designer

I am a Motion Designer. In my work I combine 2d and 3d techniques. I am most fond of designing 3D animations based on physical interaction with objects, and those more abstract.
In my free time I look for inspiration and check if AI can already take my job.

Jędrzej Czuba

Video Editor

I used to work as an undercover cop in London, but I decided to stop chasing people and start chasing my dreams. Now I’m an open-minded content creator, a speedramping enjoyer and a great teammate.
I will smash you 1v1 in cs:go, bet?

Oleksandra Kedrovska

Video Editor

I could never decide whether I was more into tech or creative stuff. For me, video editing is what brings those two worlds together. You got all the softwares in the world to make you feel like you know what you’re doing, and then you have the stories you tell to keep you entertained. And I think that’s beautiful.

Michał Toczek

Junior Motion Designer / Animator

I went from animating stick figures in Pivot to animating slightly more complex stick figures in After Effects. Who knows what the future holds? Maybe one day I’ll start animating stick figures in 3D.

Kornelia Jarzembińska

Project Coordinator

I handle business talks like its a walk in a park,
bringing solutions to your problems-that’s easy stuff
I’m a social butterfly with ninja skills,
My social media game is top of the hills

Hania Szawluk

Video Editor

The first film I edited was a video about geometric figures to get my Math grade up. Then I answered an important question – what do I like to do in life – and then I started doing it. And it wasn’t Math. Today, I am sure that the film industry and post-production is the field in which I want to grow. What do I like most about editing? The lack of boundaries, unusual stories and magic on the screen. In the whirlwind of creative work, unsweetened cappuccino gives me extra creative powers. 

I am studying audiovisual production, and also studied Film and Video at the Arts Academy of the University of Split.